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    Talking UK qualified lawyers

    I am a UK qualified lawyer with a BSc and a CPE/GDL plus LPC. I was admitted as a solicitor in 1999 and have 14 years' experience as a commerical and corporate lawyer. I have read previous threads that suggest that my CPE will not be recognised as being equivalent to a NZ law degree and that I will need to take University law courses in order to be admitted in New Zealand.

    NZCLE provide guidance that states that post admission experience may obviate or lessen the requirement for additional electives if the post-admission experience is sufficiently lengthy and broad.

    Is there anyone out there with the same level of experience who has been through this process? At what point does post-admission experience render a UK qualified lawyer who went through the CPE/GDL equivalent to a NZ law graduate in the eyes on the NZCLE?
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