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Thread: SmartVent vs HRV

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    Default SmartVent vs HRV

    Haven't been on here in ages, so apologies for jumping right in with a question. I've looked at previous threads on the subject but some of them are a bit dated so I thought I'd revisit the issue.

    We're in the process of getting quotes for HRV/SmartVent/Moisture Master/DVS. Does anyone have any experience of any these systems and have any valuable advice regarding them?

    We're pretty much decided on the fact that we're getting one - just mulling over which one may be best

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    We have a HRV and are happy with it. Keeps house dry - so much so that cracks have developed in some of our furniture! It is not a heating system but it does help to keep house at a regulated temperature and humidity throughout the year - particularly noticeable in spring and autumn.

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