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Thread: Fixed speed camera: 50 kmh zone, 30 kmh temp limit (construction work), speeding 65 kmh

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    Default Fixed speed camera: 50 kmh zone, 30 kmh temp limit (construction work), speeding 65 kmh

    I believe I should be snapped by a fixed speed camera on Waipa St (Chatswood, North Shore, Auckland) while going down the hill.
    My Navman (latest speed cameras map update from 09/2014) does not show this camera (does this camera work?)

    1) Fixed speed camera (wet film, old one): 50 kmh zone, 30 kmh temp limit (construction work), speeding 65 kmh - will I be fined for 15 kmh speeding or 35 kmh?

    2) How long does it take for the ticket to arrive from the wet film fixed camera?

    While researching this subject became extremely paranoid (lesson learnt)

    3) As a general question. If __fixed speed camera__ snaps me over 50kmh over the limit will I be disqualified? How does it work?

    Thank you

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    This is what I've found from a quick trawl.


    Speeding fines increase progressively from $30 for speeds less than 10km/h over the limit, to $630 for speeds up to 50km/h over the limit. In addition to a fine, you will also incur demerit points. See the Demerit points section for more information.

    If your speed is more than 40km/h above the speed limit you can get a 28 day licence suspension, and at more than 50km/h over the limit you can also be charged with careless, dangerous or reckless driving.
    Demerit points

    Demerit points are given for all speeding infringements (except those recorded by speed camera)...
    People in the country may well know in more detail how things work in practice.

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    Yes its an active camera, I know this because someone I know got an $80 ticket on Waipa St 2 months ago and took about 4 weeks to get it. Time varies depending on how busy they are but expect 2 to 4 weeks.I have no idea re the temporary lower limit.
    Here is a link to all the speed cameras

    You do not get any demerit points on fixed speeding cameras although it is logged against whoever is the registered owner of the vehicle. This will not apply to you but if someone else was driving the vehicle and its registered to you then you need to notify them when the paperwork comes through who was driving

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