Hey guys,

Yes I know there are numerous threads about this topic but many are outdated or dont mimic our relationship and circumstances.

Myself - a 22 year old New Zealand citizen born and raised in Auckland who has been living in Australia the past year but have now decided to come home to bring May (my partner) with me.

May - A 23 year old Thai citizen living in BKK, just finished her degree in 2014.

A brief overview of our relationship - May and I have been together for 12 months now, we met on a beach in Thailand and literally fell in love after 3 days (crazy I know but that's what happened), we have been messaging literally daily, calling each other weekly, skyping almost weekly, I have visited her again twice, first time we spent 2 weeks together at Koh Chang, and the second time we spent 2 weeks together over the Christmas period 1 week in Pattaya (sorry but yuck) and 1 week in BKK with her family and friends.

Iam going to BKK to live with her for 3 months until July, we are renting an apartment out together, she will continue her job in a lab, and I will be voluntaring full time in an orphanage. We have looked in to me living in Thailand long term but with visa regulations it's virtually impossible for a westerner without a degree to get a work permit, so we are left with our preferred option to bring her to NZ. But what visa do we go for?

Long term we want to get her residency so we can settle down here, start a family etc without the threat of being separated but how do we begin this journey? (Remember we want her working as fast as possible)

Do we try for a partnership visa?
Do we get a tourist visa and gather more evidence?
Are we completely dreaming?

Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated from May and I.