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Thread: Job prospects in NZ for psychology degree?

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    Question Job prospects in NZ for psychology degree?

    My dad has been offered a job in Auckland and has asked if i want to come and said that he would support me and pay for any additional uni courses i might need.

    What are my jobs prospects for my psychology degree if i decide to go?

    Are there many opportunities to pursue a career in psychology? ie clinical, educational and health psychology.

    and what about general competition for psychology jobs/postgrad spaces?

    If anyone can help that would be great or if anyone knows of someone I can speak to in NZ. There is so much to think about its so confusing.

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    Its a niche field here, do you have any specific stream in Psychology that you would like to pursue? The career opportunities & exposure is not going to be as much as in UK or US but if you intend to get into generic field like Marketing, Advertising, Human Resources then there are fair enough opportunities. I have known students getting apprenticeship into local companies.

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