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    Hello friends,

    I hope everyone is fine. I need some info about Wanganui.

    We are planning to buy home there either on bell street or harper street close to police station. I'll be working overseas but my family (spouse + 2 kids, 1 year and four year) going to live there to satisfy requirement for Base Established in New Zealand.

    From google maps I can see there are lots of kindergarten around, I hope it is very nice place for family to live in there.

    But I want to have feedback from forums members lived or living in Wanganui, about security conditions there, read some news and comments about robbery, home intrusion is quite common there & streets dogs around everywhere. Is that correct?.
    (please see comments)

    I would like to speak to immigrants living there, please pm me your contact number who would like to assist me to have answers.

    If Wanganui can be threat for my family to live there, then I need recommendation, where I can buy property less or around 100K NZD with kintergartens/shopping malls, airport nearby.

    Problem is that I've EURs in bank accounts and EUR devalued a lot and I'll loose a lot if convert them into NZD, that's why my range of buy property is quite less.


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    I visit Wanganui a lot, & I haven't seen dogs wandering everywhere.I think it is a lovely place.

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