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Thread: Visa/ Job offer and notice periods

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    Unhappy Visa/ Job offer and notice periods

    as probably anyone here I would like to migrate to New Zealand, but run into a couple of problems I haven't foreseen.
    Any feedback and thoughts on my situation would be great, maybe someone went to something similar already.

    My original plan was to play it save: I am on a four months sabbatical right now and in New Zealand at the moment. During that time I wanted to start looking for a job and just quit my old one when a new one is secured. Then with the extra points I get for the offer, the visa shouldn't be a problem any more.
    I already sent my cv to a couple of job agencies. Two responded that the can't pitch me to their clients without having a visa first and one can't handle my current notice period which is at least three months.

    I got a PAR level 7 and am 33 years old, combined with the maximum amount of points that are claimable for work experience in a recognized sector of absolut skills shortage I won't be able to exceed 130 points.

    According to the last selections, I understand that there is no point in applying with 130 points.

    From what I figured the only option would be to just quit my job now, maybe get out of the notice period early, just stay on in New Zealand and maybe get a job offer even without having a visa before.

    Actually those are a lot of maybe's.
    Does anyone know what I could do to extend my chances to get a job (and the visa).
    I read that some Immigration Advisors are providing letters of support after they assessed my eligibility. Does this really helps? Is it wise to consult an advisor in general?

    Thanks for reading, your comments are very much appreciated!

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    'Letters of eligibility'? You're right to be suspicious. No adviser or agent can wave a wand and make everything happen for a client.

    Many people on the forum have managed to get themselves a job offer in NZ without having first got a visa - the present Catch 22 situation affects a lot of people interested in emigrating. Job hunting for most people is not easy, but you are in the right place to do it. NZ employers are known for preferring to look people in the eye. Get your CV out to all possible agencies and employers. I presume you are reading the job ads. Don't ONLY apply for advertised jobs - approach businesses in your area of expertise to let them know you are in the market and would appreciate the chance to meet them. Cold call. Try to get to SEE owners and/or HR people.

    Good luck.

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