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Thread: Paying with Cash Question??

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    Alright, I was doing some thinking today. In New Zealand there are no 1c or 5c coins, the smallest denomination being 10c. Does New Zealand have psychological pricing? i.e. where they say something is $1.99 instead of $2.00? If so, how do they give you change? Do they just round up the penny and charge you more if you don't use plastic? Can you ask to speak to the manager and insist they don't charge you more than the listed price? Just something I was wondering about today- I realize many people in New Zealand don't even use cash, so just something I was curious about.

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    Swedish Rounding is used. So if something is advertised as being $1.99, you're expected to pay $2 in cash. If you choose to pay by card, $1.99 will be deducted from your account.

    If it's $1.95, contrary to what you learn in maths at school, it actually rounds DOWN, so you will get 10c change if you give the checkout assistant $2. And I guess you rarely get anything sold for under 10c. I was at the Warehouse once and these tiny notebooks were 5c I think which confused the two members of staff. For such a tiny price I didn't mind paying 10c for it but when I got home I realised I could have bought 2 for 10c!

    To be honest, I find it great not having to worry about every single cent.

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    Its swings and roundabouts what i lose on the 1.99 i gain on petrol cos i always round it to 4 cents never 5 or more cents that way i get 4cents of extra petrol for free cos its rounded down. :-)

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    You should've bought 1 notebook and paid cash to see what they would do!

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