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    Hello frnds,

    Wanted to apply for new Zealand student visa on my spouse base. she will opt level 8 course for that. we have certain queries in it.

    1)If I would be dependent can I easily get job in any field or even if it is part time job like in pubs , bars , workshop..etc

    2)what is the minimum hourly rate on which Indian people work over there.

    3)what is the monthly cost of living in Auckland for two person.

    4)I have heard that Auckland is over crowded with Indians at current scenario & there are no jobs available. is it true??

    If any one can reply me soon bcz i am planning for next intake.

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    I think you mean to apply for Partner Visa as Partner/Husband of your wife who would come on Student Visa. As an Indian myself, I have seen countless examples like yours from India and other countries. Auckland is a 'city of immigrants' and it is not uncommon to find main parts of city full of Asians and SEAs.

    Personally, I would suggest the route you are planning to somebody in their early 20s, with no family responsibilities and ready to live frugally. Expect to work in fields not related to your qualifications, and considered 'low end' in India. Independent accommodation might be difficult, and likely to be living with other students/families. There are many cases of Indian and Chinese students willing to work for wages as low as $7-8/hour to survive high cost of living. Please note that this is illegal, as minimum wage is $14.75/hour.

    Having said that, please choose carefully whether you want to arrive as a Student as there might be few years before you would be able to have a decent standard of living. My suggestion would be to acquire good professional experience of around 5 years in India, and then come to NZ under SMC with a Job Offer. But YMMV.

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