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    I have done Bachelor of Business in Accountancy from Auckland Itself and currently working as Assistant Accountant. I know accountancy is short Skilled and i have been to many advisers and they said till i have ACCOUNTANT Title and the ANZCO description i am not eligible for residency. And last year when i called immigration NZ they said its a short skilled and you should count your points and if you have more than 100 you are ready to apply for residency . I am not sure what exactly to do.

    Is there anyone out here who has accounts background ?


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    If your responsibilities in your job match the ANZSCO description for accountant, the job title doesn't matter (because a boss can call a job whatever he wants that makes sense to him in his business). If your employer's description of your work is a near match to ANZSCO and you have a minimum of 100 points, you can put in your EOI.

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    You're in exactly the same boat as me
    One of the key responsibilities of ACCOUNTANT is "PREPARATION of financial statements".
    The job offer for ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT is often "ASSIST in preparation of financial statements".
    So it has to be you who actually prepare a set of profit and loss statement and balance sheet, not just assist in preparation.

    In addition, it should be you who examine operating costs and organisations' income and expenditure (if you are management accountant).

    I have compared my job offer with the tasks list here and can conclude it only matches 70%. The most important task is not... I've never been to any immigration lawyers yet but I'm sure they'll say the same thing. Really look for an internal promotion to "proper/intermediate" accountant

    Good luck

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