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    Hi, my query is related to Appendix 4 of the Operational Manual, i.e. Long Term Skills Shortage List.

    Under the LTSSL Requirements and Bonus Point Requirements columns, there list the various qualifications for the various occupational groups. As an example, the first occupational group listed is the "Agriculture and Forestry". The qualification requirements for LTSSL and Bonus points are NZQF levels 7 and 8 (as seen in most of the other occupational groups).

    What if one has a qualification that has been assessed by NZQA at level 9? Is the applicant deemed "over-qualified" to claim for the claim points? Thanks.

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    If a definite requirement is given for equivalence to a certain degree or one among certain degrees, with a Level 7 or 8, then that is not superseded by having a higher level degree. The reason for the Level 7 requirement seems to be as follows. In some countries, it's possible to gain a higher degree where some small aspect of a subject would be studied in great depth, without first having a bachelor degree which would prove that the candidate has the breadth and grounding from the basics of the subject upwards. Such a higher degree would be given a Level 8 or 9, but would not PROVE (as a Level 7 would) that the candidate has broad general understanding.

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