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    Default Partnership visa application evidence

    Hi, I would just like to ask as to what other requirements or evidence i could submit to the immigration to get a partnership visa. But i would like to discuss my status first, i came here on a tourist visa through my cousin's sponsorship..and was able to get a work visa that was sponsored by my company where i am working now. That work visa will expire on Oct17 of this year and had conditions of not letting me work for other companies and would only allow me to work here in Christchurch. I've been with my partner since Sept29 last year, but he lives and work in Wellington and I live and work here in Christchurch. We are really going serious now, and he asked me to move in with him in Wellington. That is why i asked my company to transfer me to the Wellington site (but of course i still have to apply for a new visa for that) but the transfer is just taking a long time and we just want to be with each other.

    Now we then found out that we could apply for a partnership visa after i called in to ask immigration. I told them that we are not living together because of work and that we are in a relationship for only 9months and the officer said it's fine so as long that we could provide evidence that we are in a stable and genuine relationship.

    Here's a list of the evidence we have as of the moment:

    * flight itineraries and boarding passes we took going to and from wellington and christchurch over the past 9months to see each other (15 flights in total)
    * flight itineraries and boarding passes from our recent trip to the Philippines for a 2 week holiday to meet my family
    *pictures of all the time we were together here in NZ and Philippines in chronological order with captions of dates, people we are with and the place where we took the photo.
    * skype logs of all our calls since we met
    * hotel and motel receipts
    * car rental receipts
    * letter and cards we have received from each other
    * our relationship bucketlist
    * a copy of our notes for house hunting we have been doing for the past couple of months
    * joint bank account statement that we recently opened
    * FB activities that we have been tagged and has mentions of us
    * FB messages from the start
    * his support letter
    * my letter (coverletter)
    * my dad and mum's support letter
    * his dad's support letter
    * my cousin's (living in auckland) support letter
    * my brother's support letter

    Now, here are my questions:
    * would we really need to print out all of our FB Messages because its quite a lot?
    * do we have to include our CV?
    * do we have to include our separate bank statements?
    * we don't live in the same house and the longest time we were together was the 2 week holiday in the Philippines. Do we really need to live together in order to get the partnership visa?

    We would really like to be able to submit this application so as we could be able to be together soon as possible.Thank you so much in advance for helping me. Hope to read answers soon as..
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    I am very sorry to give a discouraging answer, but I seriously doubt that you can get a partner-sponsored work visa on this evidence.

    INZ only interpret partnership as a couple living together. You can see their problem - anybody can SAY they have a relationship, but trying to judge the strength of people's feelings from their words could come down to something like an essay competition, and partnership visas are the ones most targeted by fraudsters, paying people to lie to get them a visa. So the rules deliberately make things very tough, and use one thing that can have actual evidence - that the two people share their lives in the same home (or the same base if travelling).

    All I can imagine is that the INZ telephone answerer thought you had previously lived together, but were now separated by the need to work. There is an absolute requirement to provide proof of having lived together, and INZ don't normally take applications seriously with less than about three months'-worth.

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    Thanks for your reply JandM,but we could not live together since my current work visa wont allow me to work in Wellington, we do travel a lot to see each other every 3 weeks and he made an effort to meet my family in the Philippines. How is my situation different to people who were able to get their partners who lives abroad and were not able to live together prior as well and were given work visa through partnership? It was my partner's idea to do this and I have told him the requirements as well and out of all i think what's only missing is that we have not lived together yet.. and he still insist to push through with the application. I think we'll just try and hope for the best.

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    I knew you wouldn't like what I had to tell you. It doesn't make it any less the true information as it is written up in the Immigration NZ website and operational manual. Those regulations in the links are NZ law.

    How is my situation different to people who were able to get their partners who lives abroad and were not able to live together prior as well and were given work visa through partnership?
    It isn't different. And people who haven't lived together don't get given partner-sponsored work visas.

    In some cases, the NZ partner has gone to live in the foreign country to live with their partner to collect their evidence. In other cases the foreign partner has used a visitor's visa to come to NZ to live with their partner to collect their evidence. The only situation where INZ give a visa linked with partnership when the people haven't yet lived together is a special-case visitor's visa for a culturally based arranged marriage to happen in NZ, and even then the people have to start collecting evidence of living together immediately afterwards.

    Yes, out of all of it, 'all' that is missing is that you haven't lived together, but unfortunately, see in the regulations, that is the VITAL CRITERION. Each statement begins like this.
    Partners (see E4.1.20) of New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders may be granted a work visa provided that:

    they are living together in a genuine and stable relationship
    Of course you and your partner will do whatever you wish, but I'm afraid there isn't any 'best' to hope for about this application based on what you have listed. Luckily, you have your work transfer and your new work visa to look forward to, which will mean you can set up your home at last.

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    Sorry to say this, but Agreed with J&M, don't waste your money. It's very clear if you read the ops manual that you must be living together, or have been living together previously and have a valid reason for not living together at the time the application is made.
    I know you said you travel to see each other a lot but again this will not be seen as time living together, living together "does NOT include time in each other home while maintaining individual residence"
    Unfortunately INZ will not bend the rules to accomodate your feelings. As JandM said, it's NZ law. I would look for alternatives, I know you are only missing 1 thing, but read this taken straight from the ops manual, clearly states you must be living together

    "Satisfactory and sufficient proof (from documents, other corroborating evidence, or interviews) of all four of the following elements being met:
    'Credibility': the principal applicant and the partner both separately and together, must be credible in any statements made and evidence presented by them.

    'Living together': the principal applicant and partner must be living together unless there are genuine and compelling reasons for any period(s) of separation (see E4.5.35(f) and E4.5.35(g) below).

    'Genuine partnership': the principal applicant and partner must both be found to be genuine as to their:
    reasons for marrying, entering a civil union or entering into a de facto relationship; and
    intentions to maintain a long term partnership exclusive of others.

    'Stable partnership': the principal applicant and partner must demonstrate that their partnership is likely to endure."

    If you need further reassurance that you will not get this visa, email a few immigration advisors, most will give you a free assessment and I'm sure they will tell you the same thing.
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