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Thread: Confusion On medical

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    Question Confusion On medical

    My question is that,before logging my ita On 19 dec, I have provided full medical on 8th dec 2014 and my online status showed the same then changed to 23rd dec and Later changed to 4th February 2015.
    So I gave a ring to immigration that why the medical received dates keep changing,so they told me that they received my medical report from medical assessor.
    See thread

    Again last week I gave a ring to immigration about any updates on my cases,then they told me that they are waiting for my medical report from MA in order to finalise my case.

    sound weird to me. Any idea guys

    3rd October 14. EOI logged
    15 October 14 EOI selected
    8 November 14. ITA RECEIVED
    19 December. ITA logged
    1 may 2015. Case officer allotted
    1/8 may Employer questionnaire,/replied
    Now waiting

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    Like Sun777 and I told you on that other thread, the changing date is an odd thing about the INZ computer. Any time anyone looks at your records for ANYTHING, even nothing to do with a medical, even by mistake, that medical lodged date changes. It doesn't mean anything at all.

    It's just more misleading than usual in your particular case, because you really ARE waiting to know something about your medical. But this changing date is nothing to do with how soon the MA will get back in touch with your CO with a reply. You can rely on the fact that your CO will let you know when there is anything useful to tell you.

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    During out MA referrals, CO responded back faster than sensible status updates on the INZ site - so I'd say its safe to wait for CO's formal email than monitoring the online medical status.

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