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Thread: Any expats in Hawkes Bay??

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    Default Any expats in Hawkes Bay??

    Hi everyone! I've been in Auckland for 5.5yrs and FINALLY me and my husband are moving out of here to a truer version of New Zealand and a city where we can afford to actually live (VERY excited!!). But having emigrated from the UK alone and after some hard years socialising like crazy until I could take on my new friends as my NZ family, I'm now having the odd nervous moment about leaving them and facing the reality that I will be back to not knowing anyone and feeling lost. Does anyone know of any good social groups in the Napier/Havelock North areas?? I'm very outdoorsy and enjoy crafty type things, not particularly religious and don't have kids. Excited for the move, but change is a big deal right?!!?

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    There's plenty of outdoorsy things to do, plus clubs to join.

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