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    I'm looking for some advice regarding teaching jobs. My partner, son and I are hoping to move to NZ in the near future but are still only at the talking about it stage! I'm a secondary school teacher and have taught English in both England and Scotland for almost 20 years (also able to teach Drama and Media Studies), so have a wealth of experience. However, am I right in saying that teaching jobs in NZ aren't in demand at the moment? I'd obviously much rather secure a job prior to the move, but these don't come up very frequently in the TES (teaching paper that advertises jobs, national and international), so would it be worth the risk in moving over and trying to get supply/agency work?
    I did send my CV recently in response to a job in the TES, but wasn't selected; however, I was told that my CV will remain on file and that it would be worthwhile in attending a seminar hosted by the recruitment agency that is being held in the UK in September in order to discuss my options.
    We're not fussy about where we live, but have sort of ruled out Auckland due to expense. My partner is currently unemployed due to recurring surgery, but does have an uncle whom we were hoping might be able to sponsor us. Once in NZ, the search for a job would begin in earnest!
    Any general advice would be so much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Ettie72,

    Have you tried looking at vacancies here

    We both come from teaching backgrounds. Like you, we'd heard teachers weren't so much in demand and with the need to register (have you looked into that?) and other things we decided not to look into teaching here. We both work in training here, so we do use lots of our teaching skills. I think, if you're open to the idea, you'd find a range of possible positions that use your skills and experience of teaching but perhaps in a different environment.
    Then again you might want to stick with teaching and find there are positions available!
    Good luck in your search, keep looking, also check out or you won't find school teaching jobs here, but there's the Correspondence School, or Open Poly and others who use these means to advertise for teachers.

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    I am sure you know this already but you need to be registered to teach in NZ.

    For info here too:

    Teaching is (as far as I know) no longer on the skills shortage list for NZ.

    Good luck!

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