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Thread: Where to stay, sight-see or play in Auckland?

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    Default Where to stay, sight-see or play in Auckland?

    Hi all,

    I am planning a holiday to Auckland in Oct and would like to get some infor or some help from members on where to stay, what to see or do. I am going there alone so I was thinking of where would be good place for a sole traveller without a car to stay. Am looking at maybe home stay or BnB type or self contained apartment coz hotels are quite X. Don't have a lot of $$$$ to spend so simple, affordable, clean and easily accessible accommodation is preferred. How many days should I stay in Auckland? Or should I plan trips out of Auckland, if so, what are the nice to see places? Appreciate any suggestions?

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    The "no. of days" depends on your activities here. Not sure if you plan to only venture in & around Auckland - if yes then 2 weeks would be good enough.

    In case you plan to recce for job then add another week or so for meeting agencies/interviews etc.

    Serviced apartments in Auckland CBD have a small kitchenette and usually short walk from public transport. These range from $300 to $400 p/w and are offered for minimum term of 4 weeks.

    Have a look at AirBnB website if you can find more options for short term rentals. There are number of backpackers accommodations within CBD too.

    Hope this helps for a start

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