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    can anyone give me an idea on how much a pint of larger will be in christchurch

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    All depends on what you want and weather you go yo trendy town bar or out of town drinking hole really....but generally slightly more expensive in relation to wages than UK.
    BUT this does not take into account the fact that you cannot buy a "pint" as such. They serve 500ml glasses here, so every pint you buy you are short changed by about 12%.

    Exotics, such as Guinness can cost as much as $10 for a supposed pint.......

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    Christchurch has some great craft beer bars around town. If you're up for trying something a bit different you can expect to pay up to $12 or so.

    Most of the time if you're ordering a standard tap beer like Speights, Tui, or Export Gold, price of a pint is between $7-10.

    The good news is that with lots of tradespeople around Christchurch, many bars have happy hours and drinks specials. But New Zealand has minimum pricing alcohol laws which means you won't be able to buy a pint anywhere for under $6.

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