Hi Everyone,

I have been lurking here in the forums for about a week now and am so appreciative of all I have learnt, and thankful to everyone for their shared experiences!

I am aware that I am probably asking a question that in reality cannot be answered, but it's worth a try, even just to hear stories of similar experiences and how it worked out for you.


Me - NZ Citizen
Husband - Israeli Citizen

Met in NZ while husband was on a long term shortages list working visa (I don't know the proper name for that)
Met Feb 2012, Engaged August 2012 - not living together during this time, moved to Israel April 2013 and moved in together. Married in NZ in Dec 2013, returned to Israel end of Dec 2013, have been here in Israel (and desperate to come home) ever since.

Plan is to return to NZ in December this year, I already have a job offer from my previous employer to start at the beginning of January 2016, so time is quite limited.

Decided to apply for work visa for my husband instead of residence visa because of the processing times.

June 2015 - Started gathering evidence and documentation, organising translations etc
August 2015 - Sent application to Bangkok office
28th August - received email from CO confirming receipt of application
29th August - email from CO requesting more evidence of Partnership, After I enquired as to what evidence I should submit, he said that he is 'satisfied that the partnership is genuine and stable' from our considerable evidence, but that he needed more evidence of living together. We scrambled to get more evidence and sent it back to him by email that day.
29th August - email from CO stating that the new documentation provided was 'sufficient proof of our shared address'.

My impression at that point is that he is so far satisfied about our partnership in all accounts - that we are genuine, stable, and living together, and that this is not in question - would that be a fair assumption?

CO then emails to say that they have applied for NZ police certificates for both of us, and that the current waiting time is TWO MONTHS! - Cue major panic from me, but what can we do but wait? (Wish we had known of the backlog somehow, would have applied for the certificates myself months ago).

Email from CO to advise that medical has been received and that standard of health has been deemed acceptable. Says that now 'we will just need to wait for your NZPC'

Husband has Drink driving conviction from 2011 in NZ (he was suitably ashamed and wont do that EVER again), which we of course explained on the application form. The CO hadn't mentioned anything about it, and I noticed from reading these forums that you can be asked to apply for a character waiver - so we asked the CO if we should apply for one.

Response from CO: 'A character waiver will not be required at this time, however we need to wait for the NZPC's result' - I'm assuming from this they want to make sure there is nothing on my record (supporting partner - clean history) and nothing else on my husbands record other than what we wrote on the application form. Since I know there is nothing else on his record - I'm feeling confident at this point and only really worrying about time frames.

That was the last we heard from the CO until today - we received an email from him requesting my husband's military identification number, Background, and details of military service by next Monday. I was surprised - I didn't think this information was needed for a work visa (wasn't expecting these questions until residency application time) as he has had work visa's before and was never asked. My husband never really served in the Military - he started basic training - but was exempted from serving in the Military about 2 months into training. He doesn't think he was ever even given any kind of Military identification number and said those are not usually given until you are assigned to a unit. He's going to look through his paperwork to see if he has anything but is not confident there will be anything to find.

I emailed CO back explaining what I just wrote above, and said that we would look for an ID number at home tonight and will let him know. I also asked in what form should we present all this information to him (e.g. is there a form that needs to be filled out, should we write a letter, or should we just give him all the info in an email) Of course - just out luck - received automatic out of office reply saying he is out of the office until next week. So wont have any answers or guidance from him until next week.

If you are still reading after this novel, I am amazed, thank you for being patient with me!

My questions are:
* Should I be worried that they are asking about military service for a work visa? Is this unusual?
* Are they likely to ask for documentation to prove the exemption? I don't think we have anything, and the red tape here is a nightmare - considering it took three months to get a birth certificate here - I can only have nightmares about how long it would take to get an exemption letter from the defense services here - not to mention getting it translated!
* What do you think our overall chances are of being approved for this visa? Does it sound positive?
* Anyone have any experiences to share?

If we are declined, I don't know what I'll do. Can't be here anymore, need to be home. I am a worrier by nature and have an anxiety condition, this is like a new form of torture.