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Thread: Albany or near, limited budget

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    I am looking for a place to rent in Albany or somewhere close. I will live with my wife, 3-year-old son and a newborn. I will have a limited budget so I am hoping to rent something in the $300 - $450 / week range.

    I am looking at sites like and but it seems hard to find good places in this region at that price. I am looking for a 3 bedroom house, but I can also go for a 2 bedroom unit if it has enough space and if the landlords accept my family size.

    I will arrive on Nov 5th and will start working on Nov 9th. Is it generally easy to find and rent a place in 3 days? Are rentals usually fast, immediate if you accept the tenancy agreement, or do you have to go through a longer process? Considering there may be only a couple of places that meet my requirements, does it sound realistic that I expect to rent a place like that in a few days after I arrive?

    Thank you very much.. NZ is very new to me, I hope I'm doing things right

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpa983 View Post
    ...Is it generally easy to find and rent a place in 3 days?
    It is possible to find the right place for you in 3 days... but you might have to pay a little more.

    Also, you'll need to provide references which could be difficult if you've only just arrived.

    Why not book a reasonably priced hotel room for a week or two in the area you're planning to move to. Then you'll have more time to view properties and you might be able to get the hotel to provide a reference.

    Good luck!

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    Yes you can sign up the agreement/contract at short notice, We moved-in (previous 3 times) immediately with a gap of just 2-3 days after signing contract. Do weigh out the option of rolling contract & fixed term contract before signing up. I'm sure you might have done some homework on what all to check (search for the topics on this forum for some older threads but otherwise just ask here).

    All the best!

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