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Thread: Work visa to Residence visa job change

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    Default Work visa to Residence visa job change

    Hi all, So i am on a Work Visa under the essential skills catergory. My passport says i can only work as a Restaurant Manager at my current place of work.
    I am applying for residency in the next couple of days.

    I am wanting to change my job sooner rather than later as a job i really want has just come up. Is there anyway i can work elsewhere, whilst still on the work visa but applying for residency (partnership)

    Any info or help would be great.


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    If you change your job now, you'll need to apply for a variation of conditions to reflect the change. In some cases, you need a whole new work visa.
    Because you mention applying for residency under partnership, why don't you get a open work visa first? Then you can work for whoever you like and wait for the residency later.

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    I agree.

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