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    Default Partner Visa query

    hi all:

    I'm an Aussie citizen intending to take up residency in NZ.
    My partner of 1.5 years lives in Kuwait, but due to their complex citizenship laws, travels on an Iraqi passport. I might add that he was born and raised in Kuwait and has never been to Iraq.
    We've met twice but have never lived together. I want to bring him to NZ so that we can live our lives together.
    My question: I know there are a couple of partnership visas we could apply for, but is there ANY way we can get around the "12 months living together" criteria? He had a visitor visa application to Australia refused once as the immigration dept here expressed concern that he'd overstay his visa. He's a student.
    Also - is there an option to "permanent residency" for me? I don't want to have to wait 2 years for permanent residency before bringing him to NZ.
    I'd appreciate any help on this.
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