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Thread: Employer changed its name

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    I am on a work visa and my employer changed its name few weeks ago, do I need to apply for variation of conditions because of that? Everything else remained the same (I didn't even know about the name change) including the company's number and the old name pops up in companies register when you search for it with the old or new name. I downloaded the variation of conditions form and part E2 says "If you are applying for a variation of conditions to allow you to work for a different employer, in a different occupation, or in a different place of employment, provide details.", which doesn't fit me because my employer remains the same.

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    In your place, to make sure of staying legal, I would contact INZ to let them know what has happened. If any change to your visa is necessary, or even just recommended, they will tell you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpaws View Post I need to apply for variation of conditions because of that?
    Yes, The company I work for was taken over, we all had to sign new conditions of employment, etc. even through the work remained the same. And while this didn't impact my immigration status, it did impact a work colleague who had just arrived in New Zealand. The reason being the INZ need to verify that everything is above board.

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