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Thread: Hi! Really need some help about visa!

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    Default Hi! Really need some help about visa!

    Hi guys and I need some advice from you. I try to keep it as short as possible. I am from Estonia, I was in New-Zealand from Sept. 2014 with my working holiday visa. It just so happened that in February 2015 I met local kiwi girl who I started dating. We clicked from the start and further on we continued to build our relationship. We lived together from April-June 2015 in my rental shared appartment. I have no living proof of living together with her because we payed the house owner cash without any checks recieved. I had to leave the country though because I needed to finish my masters studies in Estonia. I left in the begining of June and now I am planning to come back in October with tourist visa to visit my partner. We have been on contact daily the whole time via skype, facebook, mails. We have photos being together, suporting family and friend letters, mail coming to the same address in NZ. Since we have not been living together for so long and have very little proof of it, (we can only get a supporting letter from the appartment owner). Can anyone give us some advice? We would really love to start living together, what would your recommendations be about visas? If I visit my partner i will live with her for 3 months at her parents place. Is there any chance of getting a visa where I can start working in NZ. Is it possible to apply Partnership-Based Temporary work visa when I arrive to NZ or are there other options? Really looking forward for some advice what to do next.

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    Excuse me for a short answer as I am just about to go out. I have just answered someone else here, and it just so happens that your cases are rather similar. I suggest you look up the details of the partner-sponsored temporary work visa (and links forward), and come back with any extra questions. Old threads which may help.

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