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Thread: Registration process for an overseas electrical engineer

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    Default Registration process for an overseas electrical engineer


    I am an electrical engineer from Singapore, with a undergraduate degree recognized by IPENZ. I intend to work in NZ as an electrical engineer. I have been reading the EWRB requirements for registration and also the posts in these forum. I have several questions regarding the registration process

    1) According to EWRB website, to register as an Electrical Engineer, one way to get registered is below:

    Option 2

    a) Holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) qualification; and
    b) Passed the Electriciansí Regulations written examination; and
    c) Completed the Electriciansí practical three stage assessment or passed the practical examination (if available); and
    d) Completed approved safety training within the prescribed time frame.

    Can I take this path to gain registration instead of going thru overseas qualifications assessment and getting an employer reference?

    2) If the above option is not allowed for overseas applicants, what other options are there to get a registration or limited certificate? Can I find an employer in NZ that can support me in applying a limited certificate without requiring employer reference from my previous job in Singapore?

    3) If there are no other options, can someone provide a sample of the employer reference letter for an Electrical Engineer? So far, I have only seen reference letters for other electrical worker classes, but not for an engineer. I am resigning soon from my work and my concern is that I will not be able to obtain employer reference letter once I leave my current workplace.


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    Hello j3r0hm3,

    I am in the similar situation as you, with a difference that my qualifications are not recognized by IPENZ, so I would have to take Knowledge Assessment path (expensive, I would like to skip it), and another difference is that I would accept job as an electrician (although I have a lot of experience in engineering).
    I am also stuck with reference letters from my previous (7 years ago) and current employer.

    Anyway - did you make any progress?

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