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Thread: Register birth in home country?

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    Default Register birth in home country?

    Hi all, I did a quick search but couldn't find anything.

    My husband and I are from South Africa, we've been here 7+ years and we are permanent residents. Our daughter was born 18 months ago, she is a New Zealand citizen (kiwi birth certificate etc.).

    Does anyone know if we must register her birth with the South African authorities? We doubt that the South African passport will become desirable and she will one day be able to travel more freely on her kiwi passport. But, we don't want to not register her and then face fines, or disadvantage her because we didn't want to fill out forms.

    Any help/advice would be appreciated

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    Default It sounds from this website as though registration as South African is something that can be taken up at a later date IF it comes to seem desirable.

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    It will depend if you want her to have dual citizenship or not. A child must normally be registered within 30 days of its birth. She can be registered after the 30 day period, but you will need more paperwork and proof of the birth. Do a Google search for "south african home affairs birth registration" and you will find various government websites describing it, like the one above that JandM gave .

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