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Thread: Saskatchewan(CANADA) vs NZ

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    Default Saskatchewan(CANADA) vs NZ


    I received resident status for NZ as well as one of the province of CANADA(Saskatchewan).

    I am a Front End Web developer in IT sector.
    My wife would like to pursue a career in Hospital mgmt.

    I need to take a decision to pick one place to settle.

    My priority is about
    1) Good children education
    2) Free medical
    3) Born in INDIA, so, would prefer to be in touch with INDIAN CULTURE/FESTIVALS.

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    I can only speak from experience of being in Auckland but there was recently a large Diwali festival in the city centre. There have also been events at the local libraries across the city. There is a large Indian population in Auckland and I guess there are certain suburbs/areas where there are more and places where there are less. Not sure about out of Auckland though. Someone else will probably have more to say on this.

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    Travel is supposed to expand your horizons. Why move half way around the world if staying close to your original culture is such a priority? NZ is about as different from Saskatchewan as is possible. They say that Saskatoon is so flat that you can watch your dog run away -- for three whole days.

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    Other than weather, the other aspects of life are easily adaptable.

    Bear in mind Sask is very cold. Is it something you want to live with for the next xx number of years?
    If not, come to NZ.

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