Hi everyone,

It's my pleasure to be a member of this group, I just got my ITA today, there are some silly questions that I really need some advices from you:

1. Medical certificate : INZ 1007 & Chest X-ray INZ 1009 and Police certificate: Do I and my partner need to complete these forms when we:

- me: I came to NZ since Jan 2014 with working holiday visa (Of course I already sent immigration those forms to get the Visa to come to NZ). Then last year when I applied for my Visitor visa, immigration ask me to re-new the general medical (only) and I already did.

- My partner: She came to NZ since march 2014 with Student visa, already provided general medical & X-ray and police.

On August 2015 we came back to our countries (I'm form China and she from Vietnam) and stayed there for 8 weeks. Then my partner came back to Nz for study and I'm in China at the moment to gather those documents.


2. Does my partner need to sent immigration work experience evident? (I did not claim any points from her work exp)