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Thread: CO ,request blood test, no answer

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    Default CO ,request blood test, no answer

    Hi there, 12th october I been contacted by CO that is taking our case and she requested few things like bank statements and blood test as my blood result from previous medical showed some bad result of white blood cells , also they contacted my employer with some questions where all these documents had to be submitted in max 3 days . so we did, The only worry is that I have not seen the blood result this time and I dont know if there is anything wrong , when I contacted the CO on 2.11.2015 if she could give me some update she replied that :Thank you for your submissions which are currently under consideration.
    Please accept the documentation as received if we do not ask for them again.,,,,, I read here that new medicals may take up to 11weeks to get sorted so not sure what is happening right now, Thank you for your help.

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    I suggest you should ask the doctor about the results of this most recent set of blood tests. S/He can explain what showed up, and, if necessary, start you on any treatment you might need.

    You are right that there have been waiting times of up to 11 weeks to hear back from the MAs when medicals have been referred. INZ have said publicly that they are aware of the problem and are trying to improve things, but of course it takes time to train extra people.

    It is perfectly normal that you do not hear anything from the CO unless she needs more information from you.

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