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Thread: Does immigration ask questions before declining?

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    Default Does immigration ask questions before declining?

    Hey guys,

    5 weeks ago I put my application in for my essential skills work visa being supported through the company i work for.

    Since putting my application in I feel now I haven't put enough proof in that my company have looked for new Zealand workers.

    My company have never needed to advertise as they have always had enough workers coming into the office looking for work.

    A friend of mine had his visa application straight up declined because of lack of advertising information, but at the time he still had a valid working visa.

    Where as I am currently on an interim visa and unable to work because of this, and I'm worried they will decline mine and I will be asked to leave the country.

    Do you think immigration will see that I am on a interim visa and try and work with my and ask for more evidence before declining?

    Online my status is still pending and I rang up the hotline last week and I still haven't got a case offcier and been told its a 45 day process.

    Any advice will be gratefully received

    Thank you

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    I think INZ will investigate this matter with the employer, not with you. They wouldn't expect you to know all the details of how the employer recruits.

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