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Thread: Skilled Migrant Category Job Offer Requirement - Really?

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    Default Skilled Migrant Category Job Offer Requirement - Really?

    Why does the SMC provide points for a job offer when a job offer seems to be a requirement?

    Why not just leave it at as a requirement and set the points threshold lower?

    I ask because I would like to be self employed in New Zealand. I have a guaranteed income and am well over the points threshold even without those from a job offer.

    Or is it just (and only) so that highly qualified people can take the risk of getting a visa and trying to find a job when they get to NZ?

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    It isn't a requirement. There are plenty of people here on the forum with no job offer who have gone in with no job - many have been notified just within this last couple of weeks that their Residence under SMC has been granted.

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