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Thread: Correct ANZSCO code for SMC

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    Default Correct ANZSCO code for SMC

    Dear All,

    I am currently working as data specialist and my duties are below. Please suggest which occupation I should nominate. I have bachelors degree in Business Level 7. Please help

    Essential Functions:

    * Analyzes the complexity of data input and ensures the correct input protocol is followed for complex, approval based transactions
    * Resolves master data issues; communicates effectively with buyers, field, and support areas to obtain accurate master data; monitors Master Data Assistant input
    * Manages layout workbench; creates assortments for listing to sites
    * Sets up and maintains Merchandise Category Hierarchy, Site Hierarchy, and Characteristic/Value structure
    * Monitors interface-document error reports, troubleshoots and resolves errors


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    You can try Database Administrator 262111, but your job description is a bit too generic. You better talk to HR to write a job description that is more specific and also match the ANZSCO duties.

    Your bachelor degree in Business should also have papers related to data administration/information system.

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