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Thread: Traffic offences - work visa

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    Hi All,

    First time posting as we have just recently moved to NZ. My husband is on a temporary work visa (partnership, I am a NZ citizen) and we need to renew it. We have been together 2.5 years, married for 1 year, but didn't have a lot of evidence of us living together in Turkey. There is not much of a paper trail - everything is paid in cash and living together before marriage (as we did) is also frowned upon. So he was granted a 1 year work visa. Due to personal circumstances we weren't able to get to NZ until after 6 months of his visa started... and so in March next year his visa will expire.

    First question I have if anyone can help, he was recently served a Mandatory 28 day licence suspension for speed. This was actually captured by a speed camera (not fixed, in one of those vans) but then a police officer came to our house and took his licence the same day. We actually haven't even received the ticket... and are in the process of appealing. But anyway, do you think this would affect his visa application? He doesn't need to go to court as the licence is sent back after 28 days.

    The other speed ticket he got from a camera was actually me so I am changing that into my name.

    Also do you think he should be applying for for a temp work permit now with his expiring in March?

    Do you think we should also apply for residency at the same time?

    Thanks for your help.

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    One fixed penalty ticket won't have a bad effect on his application(s). But times have changed, and all traffic infringements in NZ are being dealt with much more firmly now. It's easier to pick up tickets, points, etc.. And a string of infringements CAN count against the character check when it comes to getting PR, down the line. So don't get any more...

    For the next applications, he will need to declare that this happened (if the appeal isn't successful), but mention it's not a conviction, just an infringement.

    Given the holiday shut-down, I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to get his next application in, so as not to be worried waiting for this present one running out. And don't forget to keep up the collection of evidence - you're going to need this all the way along the line till he is granted his residence in due course, even during the processing of it, because they commonly ask for more to cover the processing time, just before the visa is granted.

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    Are you certain that his visa will expire then? Most visas are issued with a "last date for first entry" meaning that the visa starts when the person enters New Zealand, others have an immediate start and a specific expiry date. Are you certain you read this correctly? Just a thought!

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