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Thread: Vistor visa question

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    Question Vistor visa question

    Hi there

    Me and my husband are applying for a visitor based visa for his little sister to come from Morocco to stay with us (shes 23).

    She will initially apply for a 6 months stay, but if she wishes to stay longer are we able to ask for an extension of the visitor visa while she is here for a extended 6 months ?

    She is also from Morocco so would it be fine if she did a chest and medical done in NZ as morocco is on the list for TB if we decide to extend her visitor visa?

    Last question. We being her sponsors are paying for the lot so, if her visitor visa gets accepted do we have to purchase a return ticket for her as well prior to leaving morocco or can be buy this when she is here ?


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    If they require a medical, then yes, she could get it done in NZ.

    It looks here as though they will require to see her return travel booking as part of the proof that she does intend to leave the country.

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