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Thread: New Role in same company - Market Search Required ?

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    Default New Role in same company - Market Search Required ?

    Hi People,

    Hope you all enjoying the festive season.

    I have given a new role in same company where I am working since 2013.
    I got my 2 year work visa after my studies from this company.

    At the moment I am on work visa which was issued for 1 year by immigration as I was awaiting my residence file decision.

    Unfortunately my was not successful . Now I have been offer a new role within the same company so I am applying for VOC.

    My question is does my employer need to do market search for local NZ for this job via seek or trade me ?

    Or I can apply for VOC and work visa on the bases of my contract and job discription ?

    Please advice

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    A VOC doesn't change the expiry date of your current visa. So if you're on a 1-year work visa it would be more beneficial to apply for a whole new work visa, as I guess your current work visa is also running out of time soon.
    As you already graduate in 2013, I'm afraid the study-to-work (employer-assisted visa for new graduates) category isn't suitable. I'm no expert but I think it's likely that your employer needs to advertise the role on trademe to prove no NZ residents are available.
    Good luck and Merry Xmas!

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