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Thread: Are there options for me? Please help a desperate man.

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    Default Are there options for me? Please help a desperate man.

    Hello I am 21 years old from the usa. I am currently on a work holiday scheme. My visa expires January 31st and while here I've made friends, and I love someone deeply and don't want to leave. I have no skills and not much money. Although I have been offered to be sponsored by a new world where I have worked this year. Is this possible? And or could I do anything to stay? Thank you in advance for any advice

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    If you are living with your loved one, and s/he is a NZer, or has residence or a work visa, it's possible you could be eligible for a partner-sponsored temporary work visa. The instructions don't specify a time, but from experience, we know that INZ normally take applications seriously when there is around three months' evidence of living together. This kind of visa is an open visa, that is, you can work at any job offered.

    To get a work visa normally requires a foreigner to have skills, or for there to be proof that the employer willing to sponsor has tried advertising the job, and has not had any worthwhile applications from NZers or people with residence.

    Have you thought about trying to do a course of study, and therefore being eligible for a student visa?

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    Yes cheapest and easiest way to stay is to get partner sponsored work visa ( thats the one JandM was referring to ) or residence through partnership ( 12 months living together ).
    If you are not living together yet but you are in a relationship try to move in with your partner immediately and start collecting partnership evidence like joint bank accounts joint tenancy agreement , joint bills etc

    Another option and speaking from my own experience if you have done three months seasonal work in the horticulture or viticulture industry you would be eligible for another 3 months open work visa under the working holidaymaker extension scheme. which you could use to save up more partnership proof and keep working in the meantime . http://

    Good luck !
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