To revive this thread; I have a resident visa (2 years holding WTR visa) and looking to buy a house. The mortgage broker I spoke to said because of the travel restrictions on a resident visa, they would struggle to get me a hoe loan any bigger than 70% at this stage we have struggled to scrape together a 20% deposit for Auckland house prices, so there is no way we can afford a 30% deposit.

Our alternative now is to wait until May 2019 when we get PR and the restrictions are lifted.

Does anybody know any other ways around this? I have been living/working in NZ for over 5 years, spent the first couple of years on various work visas (did not meet requirements of residency) until getting the WTR.

I see INZ do a Variation of Resident Travel Conditions (, but it seems this is just to extend them if you do not qualify for PR - I doubt there are any known instances of them lifting them so we can get a home loan?

Thank you,