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Thread: asking for working visa not based thru partnership

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    Default asking for working visa not based thru partnership

    Hi ENZ,

    I'm April and I'm currently here in Christchurch New Zealand. I came here last December 31, 2015 and I'm holding a visitors visa based thru partnership within 6 months. Everything was fine at first. My partner who is already a citizen here (but he's also a Filipino) had been my partner for 3 years but in a long distance relationship. And now we are together here in chch. Like i said a while ago. everything was fine at first until one night.. i cooked for our dinner and asked him to stop from playing video games because it is not good to make the food wait. and i want to eat with him. I also told him that he should now adjust from his old life- from being alone because he is now with me. I think he doesn't appreciate that someone is there to cook and take good care of him. I didn't know he was like that. After telling him those things.. he got mad and burst out from his anger. He threw all the food i prepared on the floor and slum the chair towards me and it did hit my knees and now i can't normally walk. I can't take this anymore. i want to leave him but i can't go back to my country because i had already leave my stable work there just to be with him and I'm just new here.. (for about 7 days). and since i still have 6 months to stay, I want to know if I can get a working visa but not based thru partnership though i came here and holds a visitors visa based thru partnership? we we're really planning to get a working visa for me based thru partnership .. but now I've changed my mind. I just wanna get a working visa alone,get a job and continue living here without him.And hopefully to live happily here in New Zealand. It wasn't a good experience but i'd still like to keep going and live a happy life here in New Zealand. Hope you could help me find an answer to my questions. Thank you heaps. Godspeed!

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    I'm sorry to hear you're having this bad experience.

    Do you have some skilled qualifications? That is what you would normally need to be able to get a work visa in your own right. You would need the offer of a job that you are qualified to do, then you can apply for a temporary work visa.

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