Hi there, hope you are all good.

I wonder if anyone could help me out.

I'm a NZ permanent resident, from the UK originally. Was working in the IT industry when I first came over, but currently working as a hammer hand.

I would like to get my NZ citizenship which is another 2 years away. However, I'd also like to earn a bit of cash over that period. Being a hammer hand is nice enough in the outdoors during summer, but it doesn't pay - just covers food and rent really. IT pays a bit more, but was sucking the life out of me.

So am trying to think of shortish (6 to 12 month) contract jobs that have a fairly low entry barrier but pay well so that I can save up a little to invest. I don't mind getting dirty / exposing myself to reasonably tough environments.

I also don't mind re-locating. However, I want to remain on NZ soil so that I don't violate the citizenship requirements.

I had previously thought about working as a deckhand on a superyacht but this would mean leaving NZ (so a no-go for now). Would be willing to work on an oil rig or a mine, but am not sure there are any in NZ?

Does anyone have any suggestions? Would be much obliged!