I'm looking to come over with my family to live in Cambridge and work in Hamilton as a midwife. I already have a job in NZ. My husband works in Marketing and is currently a group marketing manager. We have a permanent resident visa and we are just waiting to sell our house in the UK.
The problem is that we have had our house on the market for a number of months and during this time my husband has become more and more unsure about the 'big move' as he is increasingly worried that there are very few suitable jobs out there for him. So much so, he is now trying to persuade me that is would be better to move to Adelaide - stating better job opportunities and better weather as his 2 main points.
Personally, I love NZ and the people and the general feel of the place - I am not a big city kind of girl! Plus - I hate spiders and snakes!
I would really like to move to NZ and I guess I am asking you lovely people out there to be honest about job opportunities and prospects for a 40 year old (lovely) marketing chap that's got a good CV and LinkedIn profile! Plus - what's the weather REALLY like!!??!!

Many thanks