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Thread: Required Help in Submitting EOI

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    Default Required Help in Submitting EOI

    Hello guys

    I need expert advice on submitting EOI.
    i am on work visa in new zealand, now i got skilled job in mechanical engineering field in Industry. But my past experience is in teaching field.
    Now my question is while filling EOI i have to fill in work experience "relevant work experience if you want to claim points" and relevant experience should be industry experience "i think" which i have not... now please guide me what should i fill either teaching experience or leave blank by which zero points for work experience..

    thanks in advance

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    When filling in the EOI, you normally prove one skill, and everything you put on the form is related to that skill. If you have qualifications related to the mechanical engineering job, that is what you need to mention. You are right that the teaching qualifications, not relevant to your present job, would not help you.

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