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Thread: Can I go on holiday before residence visa application?

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    Default Can I go on holiday before residence visa application?

    Kia ora,

    I got this year my temporary based partnership work visa which is valid for one year. (My partner is New Zealander)
    So we would like to apply this year for a residence visa for myself.
    However, I want to go on holidays back home to Europe with our daugther, so that she can spend time with her grandparents, aunties experience the life on the farm there etc. and also I want to see my friends and family. However, I was intending to stay 2-3 months. And when I return I would like to apply for the residency. However, I am not sure if that could be a problem being on a quite long holiday. (But I wont have that opportunity often any more since I will start working when my daugther is a bit older).
    Maybe anyone knows something about this situation. Would love to hear from you.
    thank you

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    Do you mean you are going away for 2-3 months without your partner? You could still do this, but its important that you keep really good records of your communications while you are apart. (Skype logs, phone records, send some postcards etc.). Also that you continue to maintain good evidence here, joint bank account, tenancy agreements, utility bills etc

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