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Thread: Ask about letter from NZ immigration

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    Default Ask about letter from NZ immigration

    i was apply work visa in september 2015 and nz immigration has aproved in 2015 until december 2016. i got a letter that give me a note
    "please note that you are eligible to be granted with a work visa until november 2018 by providing us your old and new passports togrther with a complete form (INZ 1023)"
    is it mean i do not need apply a new visa again?

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    You were effectively granted a 3 year work visa when you applied in 2015. Due to you passport expiring your visa level was only issued to 12/16.

    You just need to complete the transfer of label form(1023) and pay the label transfer fee, together with old and new passports to have your visa label issued till 2018

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