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Thread: Advice on Job hunting and 'New Zealand experience'

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    Just wondering if anyone has some advice to help my partners frustration as she's been getting rejection letters for jobs lately and the only thing she's really been told on polite enquiry is that basically she was perfectly qualified for the job but didn't have 'New Zealand experience'.
    She's looking for more of an admin/event organiser/teaching/academia related job than what we've been doing for the past year and a half.
    I can't figure out if the 'NZ experience' is just a lame excuse, or if there's something specific she needs to be doing to improve chances. I know getting jobs related to universities in NZ is notoriously insular and hard, but she's getting miserable about repeated rejections and doesn't have the same support network as she did back home, so I'd like to help where I can.

    Things she does have when applying for jobs:

    -English as first language (Irish)
    -NZ Drivers License
    -Residency Visa
    -Relevant work experience in comparable labour markets
    -Recognised qualifications (up to PhD lvl)
    -NZ volunteer work (Fire & Rescue)
    -Been working in NZ since June 2014. Some of what she's done here can be leveraged as relevant experience to the jobs she's applying (admin, social media work, dealing with international visitors etc) but it doesn't seem to 'count' unless your NZ exp was doing the exact same job you are applying for.

    Things she doesn't have:
    Crappy spelling, grammar or attitude, so it's nothing glaringly obvious on the CV.

    Is there anything we seem to be doing wrong? Is there something specific NZ employers want in a CV? I've suggested trying more temp agencies, but I'm not sure how much that'll help to landing a longer term job.
    We're also based in a super rural area right now, making networking damn near impossible. Want to move, but she wants to try to secure a job first before we spend a fortune upping sticks. I think we might be better moving to a population centre, taking whatever job we can get and trying from there.

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    I can understand your partner's frustration, and I think you have a very valid point.
    I think we might be better moving to a population centre, taking whatever job we can get and trying from there.
    It appears many employers are looking for those with NZ exp, seems a bit short sighted, but that's the way things are at times.Goodluck.

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