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Thread: NZ citizenship process and timelines:

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    Default NZ citizenship process and timelines:

    Hello, all. It has been a long time from my last post. I wanted to share my experience with INZ and DIA- I am sure people know what these abbreviations are for.

    Anyway, I was one of the first 300 silver fern visa applicants in 2010 ( This scheme was opened in 2010), and got through the lucky draw. I applied for a couple of jobs in my skills set, and received offer letter in a very short period of time. I applied for SMC instead of Silver Fern Practical visa. Residency was granted quickly in 2 months' time.

    Recently, I applied for citizenship ( 28 Jan 2016), and received an approval letter on 27 Feb 2016. Now waiting for the ceremony in my area-Rodney district. My case was pretty straight forward-in and out. Although, I had a couple of infringements ( traffic) back in 2011. I had to declare those, and attach copies of these letters.

    I have gone through U.S. immigration, Canadian immigration in the past, and I must say that NZ immigration are super friendly and customer focused. DIA are also great people to deal with.

    It is a mixed feeling of giving up my current citizenship; however, I am super excited and grounded to be a NZ citizen to make this country my home.

    Very best.


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    Congratulations, and thanks for the update.

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