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Thread: NZ Visa Under Skilled Migrant Categories

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    Default NZ Visa Under Skilled Migrant Categories

    I am an Indian resident looking forward to move to NZ. I am a software Engg ( Bachelor of technology (BT) - Information Technology) by profession with 10+ years of work experience in Java and related web technologies. I want to know abt moving to NZ and getting a job there. I have been working experience in NZ for 13 months(more than year) as a Software Developer in Auckland City.

    I need a visa assistance to file my EOI and ITA. I am able to check the point indicator where I got more than 140 point on the bases for my - 10+ exp, long term short skill list, recognized qualification, my spouse recognized qualification, Higher education in English language and syllabus in English and one year experience in NZ.
    Kindly help me for filling a NZ visa.

    Any help or info will be greatly appreciated.

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    The points indicator has certain issues, and can be misleading. I always suggest that people should look instead here, and check all the sections against their own personal details. SM6 has a chart with all available points, and the other sections give the detailed requirements for being able to claim points under all the headings.

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