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Thread: Czech Couple new Born Paperwork

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    I have some questions and I would really appreciate if you could assist me or perhaps direct me to the correct sources of information i.e. advisors, booklet or webpage I could refer to.

    My partner and I have been in New Zealand for three years now. Initially for a year we had a Working Holiday Visa and then my partner got a Work Visa (for two years) under the Essential Working Skills programme which made me eligible to get Partner visa. I am now three months pregnant with our first child. In those three years we have both been working and living in Opotiki, and have decided we would to have our baby here.

    My partner who is the father of my child and I are both Czech citizens but we are not legally married. Three months after the birth of our child we would like to travel to the Czech Republic, for a three month visit and then return to New Zealand where we both have permanent employment.

    Can you please advise me, on how I obtain a birth certificate for our New Zealand born child? Does the fact we are not legally married, and are both Czech Citizens affect or delay this process? Also will my partner be recognised legally as our child’s father on the birth certificate and how do we go about doing this? How do we obtain a passport for our child?
    Is there a way to fast track the process for obtaining our child’s passport to enable us to travel to the Czech Republic three months after the birth?(i.e. if we waived my partners’ inclusion on our child’s birth certificate)

    I appreciate your assistance in this.

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    You question is more one for the Czech Authorities. A Nw Zealand Birth certificate for your child, listing both of you as parents is easily available within a few days of the child's birth, from the department of Internal Affairs. (you will need to have registered the birth first, your maternity carer or hospital will provide the paperwork) Yourchild is not entitled to a NZ citizenship/passport unless one of you is a resident at the time of their birth.
    At some point you will need to get a (dependent child) visitor visa for you child by providing INZ with brth certificate, passport and basic medical.

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