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    Hi, a couple of years ago, a friend of mine was convicted of drunk driving in the UK, spent a night in a cell at the police station, then went to court where he was banned from driving for 1 and a half years and also received a fine of 500. He took a drunk awareness course and his ban was reduced to one year. On that course he was told that if he has a criminal record in the UK, he would never be able to travel to New Zealand, Australia, the US or Canada. Is that true? Also, I don't know if it matters or not, but he does not hold a UK driving license. He is Romanian. Thank you for your help!
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    People who are not eligible AT ALL for temporary entry to NZ are the ones mentioned here as being ineligible for residence, also. So the instructor was right, that a criminal record of a certain kind can exclude someone permanently.

    The list I know of that mentions drunk driving is this, which sets down that anyone convicted of it within the previous five years cannot be granted residence without a character waiver.

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