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Thread: Otahuhu, Auckland

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    Default Otahuhu, Auckland

    Just looking at renting options until we have enough capital to settle.
    Hubby got hired in otahuhu, and would be awesome not having to commute so much. Ideally he wanted to ride his bicycle to work or walk to work.

    How are the areas of otahuhu and crime rates?
    It's just both of us mid 20s, no kids

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    I used to live in that part of Auckland (Mt Wellington). Personally I would not choose to live in Otahuhu, it's quite an industrial area, not so pleasant to live in. Have a look a bit further north, Onehunga, northern Mt Wellington, Ellerslie, Pakuranga. Or if your husband will be working near the train station, you could live further away in a suburb on the train line. Here's the Auckland train network map:
    or more info here

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    Hi Annacanadian,

    Otahuhu is a very poor area, with terrible socio-economic status, which tends to invite in the sorts of people you probably won't want as neighbours It's also still a fair commute into Auckland CBD from there as well. One of the only positives of the area is it's cultural vibrancy (if you deem that to be a positive thing) and its close proximity to many of Auckland's large industrial estates, meaning a short commute to work if you work in these areas. Unfortunately I can't think of many worse areas in Auckland to live than Otahuhu.

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