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    Unhappy Anzsco

    Has anyone here been granted a residency through a hotel night manager position?
    I recently had my job assessed by an immigration adviser and was told that according to ANZSCO theres a low likelihood that my job descriptions will satisfy a co.

    I was told that job is at the boarder line between UNIT GROUP 1413 and 4314 of ANZCO which supposedly would not allow a co to make a clear cut decision. With that said I know a number of people who claim that they have successfully gained their residency through the same position.

    I'm currently working at one of the biggest hotels in Wellington. As a night manager I'm basically in charge of the operations of the whole hotel during the night in the absence of the general manger. I also have a number of staff who report directly to me. It is the third highest managerial position on the Organization chart.

    I also have a recognized degree from an NZ University that is related to my Job.

    Should I not take chance until I get a better job? Anyone has an opinion on this?

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    make 5 posts and then PM me. I'll take a look at your JD and see what's possible. Its a matter of analysing your JD against ANZSCO and seeing if there is a substansial match. It will also depend on what support you have from your employer, and how they see your role. Not all night manager roles are the same, some people will get through, others will not, which is pretty much the advice you have already had
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