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Thread: Question about Partnership-Sponsored Resident Visa.

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    Question Question about Partnership-Sponsored Resident Visa.

    Hi ENZ,

    Quick Facts

    I have lodged my Partnership-Sponsored Resident Visa on 17 March 2016.
    My current Partnership-Sponsored Work Visa expires on 30 May 2016.

    My Situation
    In the past, I followed the path advice of a NZ immigration company to do the Work Visa > live with my fiancee (now wife) for 1 year > apply for the Residence Visa. I lodged the Work Visa through the immigration company, but decided to lodge the Resident Visa myself, without the company, because their costs for Resident Visa were just too high. They never mentioned the possibility of applying for a 2nd Work Visa throughout the process and I understand the Resident Visa may process anywhere from 3 to 9 months.

    Is it worth it to apply for the 2nd Work Visa? Anyone else been through a similar situation? I'd feel dumb if the Resident Visa completes prior to my current Work Visa expiring and the 2nd Work Visa end up being unnecessary.

    Applying for the 2nd Work Visa to get me through the Resident Visa process just seems redundant and wasteful, since all of the submitted Partnership evidence will be the same. It seems silly to me, but I understand that's how government departments work sometimes.

    Any advice appreciated, thank you!

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    Assuming you are planning on staying in NZ while your residence application is considered, then you have to remain lawfully in NZ and on a valid temporary visa until such time as your residence is approved. An application for residence doesn't remove that obligation to remain lawfully in NZ by having a valid visa.

    You need to lodge a further temporary based visa on or by 30 can though simplify the application by relying on the information lodged with the residence application, but still need application and sponsorship form. You may be able to rely in medical and police clearance if they are not more than 3/2 yeas old at time you lodge application.

    It possible but unlikely that your residence would be approved in just 2 months
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